Monday, July 19, 2010

The Free eBook

Have you been waiting? Sorry for the nearly one week delay, the free eBook is now ready. Click the link below to download the pdf version of our collaborative story.

CUPID'S RISK: The Series Book

You can right click and save or open the PDF and then download a copy to your computer. Or you can just read online. Thanks once again too everyone, I loved the experience.

Myne Whitman


  1. Good job Myne! Thanks for the free book :-)....I lovesssss free stuff! lol

  2. I have downloaded mine.. Thanks!!!

  3. Good job guys. I haven't followed the series, but I'd love to download the series...thanks for making it available. *Smiles*

  4. Great job Myne and thanks for the free book.

  5. WOW... This was amazing. Well done, Myne and everyone who participated. Can't believe it is over. :(

  6. myne i sharply downloaded this! i cant wait to sink my teeth into it! thanks


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